Monday, January 5, 2009

a sneak peak on design sponge

we were checking out some of our favorite blogs this morning and came across a sneak peak of artist Jill Bliss' home on design sponge. we were pleased to see our windmill print framed on the wall in her kitchen, along with some other adorable prints. the clog on the right wall also very cute!

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Rachel said...

hi mara, i came here to your blog through Hijiri's post and found my way over at design sponge for the whole post. I love your home and you website is just as inviting.

I would love to feature you in 2 of my blogs. The first is a shopping blog and the other is a pet blog.

I really love that you've created that cute dining area for your dog and it would be great if I you could me anything you want to share about your corgi. I hope you won't say no. Kindly drop an email:

thanks a lot!